Review by Collie W.
Canada, on Feb 13, 2021

this little bunny is so adorable!!! he has the most precious face and whiskers,what a nice touch..cute little costume...very unique amongst small bunnies,especially the ears....very pleased..

Review by Lidija N.
Slovenia, on Jan 4, 2021

I'm very happy the bunny is finally home! Wonderful handwork , thank you!


Review by Claudia S.
Austria, on Apr 9, 2020

Very lovely and fine art piece. This teddy doll looks very old in your hand.
Found forgotten in a box, waiting for a new period. I love this style.
I am very happy with this/my bunny.

Thank you for your feedback ❤️❤️❤️. I'm very glad you liked the bunny so much.
Julia Popova
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